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ITECH FRONTIERS LLC™ takes the privacy of its customers and users of its web site seriously. This Privacy Policy covers the ways in which ITECH FRONTIERS™ attains, manages, stores, processes and shares information given to it by its customers and visitors to ITECH FRONTIERS'™ web sites. As a thoughtful and responsible member of the Internet community, ITECH FRONTIERS™ is committed to monitoring changes in the attitudes of both customers and the community in general towards the use of information. As part of this commitment, ITECH FRONTIERS™ will make changes from time-to-time to its Privacy Policy. ITECH FRONTIERS™ endeavors to give advance notice of material changes to the Privacy Policy, but reserves the right to make changes without notice. The most recent version of the Privacy Policy may always be found on ITECH FRONTIERS'™ web site.

1. Information Collected from Visitors to ITECH FRONTIERS' Web Sites

ITECH FRONTIERS™ may collect the following information from its customers:

Customer Information is provided knowingly and voluntarily by customers during ITECH FRONTIERS'™ sign up process. Customers knowingly and willingly provide Customer Information to us as part of the provisioning and use of their accounts.

In addition, ITECH FRONTIERS™ may collect the following information from visitors to its web sites, who may or may not be customers:

Web Site Information may not be provided knowingly and voluntarily by customers and visitors. However, cookies are only placed on your computer if you choose to participate in certain incentive plans, which reward you for customer referrals, provide special promotional discounts, and other similar programs. You may choose to disable cookies in your web browser and still access our web site.

From time-to-time we may offer visitors to our web site, and customers, the opportunity to participate in other incentive programs. The information collected as part of these programs will be voluntary, the purposes for which the information is used disclosed, and its use will be set out on, or associated with, the page on which it is collected.

2. How we Use the Information we Collect

a) Customer Information is collected:

  1. To establish, provision, maintain and provide services to you and third parties;

  2. To allow us to bill you for our services;

  3. To establish security features for your account;

  4. To fulfill our obligations under agreements with domain name registrars;

  5. To fulfill our obligations under agreements governing the use, governance and structure of the Internet;

  6. To associate the services we provide you with an account and an individual or entity;

  7. To contact you regarding the services we provide you;

  8. For legal and regulatory purposes; and

  9. To establish your creditworthiness and collect debts.

b) Web Site Information is collected:

  1. To determine the number of visitors to our web sites and the pages visited;

  2. For legal and regulatory purposes;

  3. To determine the general geographic region of visitors;

  4. To establish a fraud profile;

  5. If a visitor participates in an incentive program or clicks through an affiliate or a sales person, a cookie is placed on their computer - it is only used at the time of order to ensure that the discount or affiliate/sales commission is accordingly provided when and if service is ordered. Cookies are not used for tracking our web site visitors.

3. How we Disclose Customer Information and Web Site Information

We may disclose Customer Information and Web Site Information in the following circumstances, with, or without, your knowledge and/or approval:

  1. To a governmental entity, an agent acting on behalf of a governmental entity, a law enforcement agency, or an individual or entity acting under the color of law;

  2. To a quasi-governmental organization administering the Internet;

  3. To domain name registrars;

  4. To ITECH FRONTIERS'™ parent companies or subsidiaries;

  5. To your agents, or individuals or entities who, based on ITECH FRONTIERS'™ reasonable belief, are acting as your agent;

  6. To a debt collection agency;

  7. Internally, to administer your account, determine the effectiveness of our programs and services, and to optimize and improve our services, web sites and network; and/or

  8. To a company or individual employed by ITECH FRONTIERS™, or acting as our agent, to perform functions related to your account.

ITECH FRONTIERS™ generally asks that Customer Information or Web Site Information disclosed to a third party be kept confidential. However, ITECH FRONTIERS™ cannot control the third party use of the information set out in 3 a-e above.

4. Information Collected by ITECH FRONTIERS'™ Customers

This policy does not cover information collected by ITECH FRONTIERS'™ customers. These customers may collect more or less information than ITECH FRONTIERS™, and use it in different ways. ITECH FRONTIERS™ may have access to this information depending on the services it provides to customers. However, ITECH FRONTIERS™ will not intentionally access or use this information unless absolutely necessary.

5. Retention of Information

Customer Information is retained for an unlimited period of time. However, should you terminate your relationship with us, it will only be disclosed to third parties only pursuant to paragraph 3 a through f above.

Web Site Information, other than cookies, is only retained during your visit to our web site. Aggregate information based on Web Site Information (e.g. web site visitor IP and pages viewed logs) may be retained for an unlimited period of time, but cannot be used to identify you. Cookies remain on your computer until you remove them. Should you remove them, you may be required to re-register for certain programs (if still available), and may not receive credit for the discount or incentive that your cookie was provided for.

6. Data Security

Access to all information provided to ITECH FRONTIERS™ is restricted to employees, contractors and agents, who have a business need to access that information. Some services provided by ITECH FRONTIERS™ require transmission of information to third parties. These third parties may have data security processes that differ from those set out here.

7. Accuracy / Revision

You are responsible for, and have unlimited access to modify or change, all Customer Information other than Customer Information related to your creditworthiness, and our web site access logs. ITECH FRONTIERS™ is responsible for information related to your creditworthiness, our web site access logs, and our Web Site Information. If you would like to review or correct information for which we are responsible, please use your control panel to do so, or contact us at:


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